• Bottle Candle with Cork Lid - Champagne Scent


    Bottle Candle with Cork Lid - Champagne Scent

    Highball Glass Candle is part of the Cocktail Lounge Collection. Clever green glass exterior looks like a champagne bottle, and the candle inside gives off the familiar bubbly scent of champagne, which combines bubbly champagne accord and pink grapefruit with pear, quince, and floral accents of rose petals and lily, all layered by violet leaves and white sugar. To make this item even more attractive, it has a cork lid to use when it's not lit. Great gift item!

    Weight 1 pound
    2.4 inches in diameter x 5.7 inches tall
    Glass container with soy blend wax
    Lead-free and tin-free cotton wick
    Burn time 33 hours